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An easy, exciting and educational touching party board game. It only requires 15 seconds to learn, everyone can start playing right away! The concept of the game is similar to a popular Chinese game “Touch Mahjong”. The game is a good choice to have a quick battle in family and friends gatherings.




Game Time:5-10 mins

Touch It

Simple Rules X Exciting Battle X Various Themes


Look at the four images on the front side of the card
Touch the back side with your fingers.
Guess which picture matches the back?


Each person takes a card,

and says 1,2,3 to start touching the back of the card at the same time.
Anyone who figures out the answer,

slaps down the card on the table, and says “Got it!”.


The first one guessing the right answer gets 2 points, the others get 1 point.
Those who guess wrong get zero points. 
Use the card to calculate the points. Each card represents one point. 
The first person who reaches 7 points (cards) or more wins the game!


​ Your finger is the laser scanner!

① Randomly select 5 cards and place them in the middle. Players use the "one-finger X-ray the card"

② Player A selects a card and scans it from top to bottom with one finger of the X-ray machine as quickly as possible for "two seconds" and it it can no longer be touched.

③ Player A has to make a guess. If he/she guesses wrong, he/she will lose the game. Players can choose to pass to the next player.

④ After the last five cards are guessed, there are more people who are not out.

⑤ Play three rounds, the person who wins the most cards wins.

▶ Advanced version: One-finger X-ray machine becomes left and right, from left to right or right to left.


① Close your eyes and take a random card, and face the other player the card with four patterns.

② Face the convex side (the side with only one graph).

③ Players have to close their eyes to describe what they have touched, and other players have to guess which answer it is.

④ Those who guess correctly will be scored, and those who guess wrong will be eliminated.


① Put a stack of 15-20 cards in the middle, count down 3 seconds and take the middle card at the same time.

② You can decide which finger you want to touch the back picture for each round.

③ If you guess right, put it on the left, if you guess wrong, put it on the right.

④ The person with the most correct guesses wins. If someone guesses wrong more than 3 times, he is out of the game.


Various Theme


Chinese New Year


Japan Culture




Product Information

Product Name:Touch It


Size:9.5 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm

Card Size:8.8 cm x 6.3 cm

Contents:52 cards, rulebook


The actual product might be slightly different from the images. Please read the rulebook carefully before using the product and store properly to prevent children from getting it. Choking Hazard: Small parts not for children under 6 years old. Stay away from fire.

Return policy


Game Design

Romain Caterdjian

Art (Chinese New Year)

Annie Loke
Art (Japan Culture)

Luke Wang 
Art (Animal)

Tzu Hsuan Wu

According to Consumer Protection Law, consumers can enjoy the right of a hesitation period of seven days from the day after the arrival of the goods. However, the hesitation period is not a trial period. Please note that the goods you return must be restored to their original state when the goods arrive, and maintain whole packaging (including the product, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and all accompanying documents or information), do not miss any accessories or damage the original box.


Details Information:

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