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NT$ 820

As a tradition, the A++ high school hosts the National Examination Championship every 100 year. During the championship season, every high school elects its most competitive student to challenge other schools for the final one million dollars scholarship prize. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to win the competition? More importantly, can you survive until the end?

Game Time:10-30 mins

Give Me A++

Simple Party Game!

Choose the action you want to do in the exam.
Put the card face-down on the classroom seats!
The card at this stage only shows the character that represents you.
After every player finishes their action choice,
reveal all the cards and resolve the exam together!

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Let’s have a fun exam!

Six different actions to choose!
Each of them are affecting other actions.
Should I sneak a peak or be a A student?
Disturb other students or report the students next to you? 
The gameplay in the examination room is funny and different every time!

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Mind Reading

Don't let other players guess what you are thinking.
And try to read the other player's mind!
Place the card you believe you can affect others to get scores! 
​Up to 12 seats allow players to think about various strategies to compete with others.

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Multiple roles and endings

The game supports up to 6 players to play together
and there are six characters to choose from.
In the end, the players who win the prize of 1 million dollars
will also be able to see the character's unique ending! 
The ending card can also be taken home as a souvenir!

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Tutorial Video



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Product Information

Product Name:Give Me A++

Size:23 cm x 14.5 cm x 5 cm
Card Size:8.8 cm x 6.3 cm
Contents:2 main board, 1 teacher token, 6 toilet paper tokens, 40 ending cards, 12 player tokens, 1 chinese rulebook, and 1 english rulebook

The actual product might be slightly different from the images. Choking Hazard: Small parts not for children under 3 years. Please read the rulebook carefully before using the product and store properly to prevent children from getting it. Stay away from fire.

Return policy

According to Consumer Protection Law, consumers can enjoy the right of a hesitation period of seven days from the day after the arrival of the goods. However, the hesitation period is not a trial period. Please note that the goods you return must be restored to their original state when the goods arrive, and maintain whole packaging (including the product, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and all accompanying documents or information), do not miss any accessories or damage the original box.


Details Information:


Game Design

Leon Liu



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