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About Us

    Hello guys, we are a new board game publisher from Taiwan. Wonderful World is our company name. We believed a wonderful world is a dreaming society that possesses nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. It sounds like a dream in reality. However, it can happen in the Board Game Universe. Our company would love to present to you our games that are design by our selected designers. Each game represents as a wonderful world that is designed by our designers imagination and experience skills. Then, our team will deliver these wonderful worlds to our invaluable guest, which is you.

 Our company’s mission is to deliver EEI, (E)ntertainment, (E)njoyable and (I)nteraction through the board games to everyone in the world. No matter what races you are, which sexual orientations you are, what ages or what jobs you have… We would all love to invite you to become our resident, spend some time sitting down and play some board games. Maybe one day, you will become a citizen in one of the wonderful worlds and enjoy your time. Stay Tuned!


Do you know?

In the past, photographers would cover their heads with a cloth to focus the camera on the subject. That's where our Logo was inspired. We believe that everyone can be a "designer" of board games, regardless of race, preference, gender, age or any personal factor. Just like the photographers of old, whoever he is, still creates the world they want for the viewer. Everyone also has a paradise of inspiration in their hearts, whether you have experience or not, you can still try new options!

  • The sock on the left - represents the personality of the creator

  • The sock on the right - represents the personality of the art design

  • Clothes - representing the artwork presented

  • ​projector-created board game world


We create fun with your brilliant ideas!

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